Convergence Study Guide


The Convergence Study is a 6 week online class that adds a dimension of richness and depth as you begin your journey towards Convergence.

Additional resources provided. See the detailed description.



What You Get

  1. Introductory PowerPoint presentation
  2. Access to 7 videos on Dropbox
  3. PDF of Study Guide (You can print as many copies as you need from this).
  4. A half hour consultation with the author, if desired.

Study Guide Outline

Week One: What is Convergence and Why do we Need It?
Week Two: The 4-Cs
Week Three: Understanding God’s Timing and Seasons
Week Four: Seasons on the Journey Towards Convergence
Week Five: (Re)-choosing Your Spouse
Week Six: As you begin your Journey
Bonus Topic: Convergence and Church Leadership


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