Corporate Social Responsibility. Triple Bottom Line. Social Entrepreneurship. B Corporations. 4th Sector… There’s no question that doing well while doing good is a hot topic for businesses worldwide. Our customers demand it, our communities deserve it, our employees desire to make a difference and shareholders reward it.
The challenge for business owners and CEOs to lead a Socially Responsible organization doesn’t stem from lack of knowledge or even lack of desire. Having repurposed hundreds of companies worldwide, we know that true success is realized when you:

  • Leverage your unique strengths and assets to tackle societal ills and injustices,
  • Maximize every business activity to serve and improve the lives of those around you,
  • Engage every person throughout your organization in supporting a greater business purpose.

If it’s your desire to be a catalyst for meaningful and lasting change in society, take the next step in Purposing YOUR Business.

How do you focus your corporation for maximum impact? 

A stimulating one-day consultation with your leadership team to redefine your organization’s purpose so you can make a greater positive impact within your sphere of influence.


Upon completion, you will have a freshly drafted Purpose Statement for your organization that goes beyond making money (or simply giving it away).  Our goal is that all participants will be aligned around the new Purpose. Additionally, you will learn to achieve greater impact as you leverage your unique assets, skills, abilities and current positioning. On-going benefits from this Day of Purpose include a greater alignment with your personal purpose and a positive impact on all those you touch and influence.


Brett Johnson and his experienced team will lead you through a stimulating day that includes a proprietary assessment, interactive teaching time, exercises and facilitated discussions. The goal will be to craft a new Purpose Statement together.

A personalized onsite consultation at your company that identifies gaps and improvement opportunities, and aligns all drivers of impact with your company purpose.


Greater alignment throughout the company, a renewed sense of purpose, and greater impact.


Brett Johnson and his experienced team will assess your company using proprietary assessments and frameworks, and provide interactive teaching time, exercises and facilitated discussions in order to provide a strategic road map for the future.