It seems we are all wired for the extraordinary. Infused in our DNA is a longing to live life beyond the boundaries of boring. There is merit in contentment, of course, yet it is the contentment on the other side of purpose-filled work that is awesome! The stories you will read in XOrdinary are of people on a journey to work impregnated with purpose, present-life interwoven with eternity, ordinary secretly filled with extraordinary.



For decades a group of businesspeople have been crossing the globe to discover and implement eternal principles for business. These marketplace ministers have tried to grasp what it means to get business into God’s business. Not surprisingly, they’ve had supernatural encounters on this business / missions journey. This book is their story of marketplace miracles, where ordinary people do and see extraordinary things.
The stories are unfolding, so check out www.x-ordinary.com for more interviews, articles and videos.


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