Work is a gift, not something one must trudge through to get to the fun part. At The Institute, we’re passionate about helping people discover and implement their life calling. We don’t believe in balance. Life is not meant to be compartmentalized. Convergence is about living 100% of your life fully integrated with your purpose.

Convergence happens when individuals experience their unique blend of Career, Community, Creativity, and Call. We usually pass through seven seasons of life before coming to a point of Convergence. These seasons shape us into the people we need to be to have a lasting impact. Convergence is the season when seemingly separate life-threads are woven together for your ultimate purpose. At this juncture in your life, you say, “Yes! This is me; this is what my life is for.”

If it’s your desire to make a lasting impact by fulfilling your calling, take the next step in integrating your life with Convergence.