Convergence – Paperback


Life is not meant to be separated into compartments. Convergence challenges you to live 100% of your life intentionally, with purpose, to achieve your life’s calling.



Convergence is the stage of life when seemingly separate life-threads are woven together for your ultimate purpose. At this juncture in your life, you have cause to say:
“Yes! This is me; this is what my life is for!”
Convergence is the integration of Career, Community, Creativity and Call in a way that is unique to each individual.
We usually pass through seven seasons before coming to the point of Convergence. These seasons are crafted by God to shape us into people prepared for his purposes.

They include: Faith, Fearing and Hearing God, Discovering Your Gifts, Skills Building, Internal Integrity, (Re) choosing Your Spouse, and The University of the Desert.

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