The Institute is a Silicon Valley think tank working with leaders and corporations on their Purpose and the Purpose of their organization. Since our inception in 1996 we have held that Purpose is the greatest driver of Innovation, the True North that brings alignment, or Integration, and stretches one to think of lasting Impact.

The Head of a Think Tank, Hands of a Business, Heart of Philanthropy. ®

We are also a growing community of entrepreneurs-for-change, social (ad)venturers who are finding creative ways to use their business and professional skills to leave a positive footprint on the world. 400 people have been trained in The Institute’s frameworks for Repurposing Business, and have worked with nearly 300 organizations around the world. We contribute organizational and intellectual property, and an extensive training program, and our community contributes human capital. Together we make an Impact.

The Institute for Innovation, Integration & Impact, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Brett and Lyn Johnson. Prior to that Brett spent 14 years with Price Waterhouse, was a partner at KPMG Peat Marwick, in a national strategy consulting practice. He then led a team at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) working on business and IT strategy, business reengineering, IT reengineering, and customer value creation. He saw the need to change the way consultants and clients worked together to one where advisors collaborated and empowered their clients.

We believe that everyone wants to have an Impact – this is true for corporations and individuals. In order to create a lasting Impact, one has to Innovate, Invest, and then Integrate by aligning the entire organization behind a very clear and compelling Purpose.

Our purpose is – Repurposing leaders and corporations to discover and implement personal and corporate callings, thereby transforming communities and nations.


The work we do for clients is done in a manner that serves their best interests. We will strive to work in a way that leaves everyone feeling good afterwards.


Life is meant to be lived as a whole. Our work is one of alignment, or reconciliation, and we desire to model integrated living in order to grapple with lasting Impact for our clients, and for ourselves.


People are at the heart of business. We value relationships and carefully find solutions that honor people while maximizing Impact.


Relationships are built on trust. Submitting our personal ambitions to broader purposes builds trust. Choosing to honor others, especially when it is inconvenient builds trust.


We value excellence precisely because our work is worship, not just the completion of a task or a project. We are not asking for perfectionism or performance-driven behaviors.


This is the glue that holds the 4-C’s (Career, Community, Creativity and Calling) together, provides a crucible for leadership development, and lives out our belief in the integration between all facets of life. It can be expressed in many ways, of course.