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This book’s intended reader is the executive who desires his or her business to participate to the fullest extent in the New Economy, the Internet Economy. Whether you are representing a long established business, an emerging enterprise, or a newly formed establishment operating on “Internet time”, it is our desire that you will find insightful direction for your company’s success. The detailed statistical research on successful companies in the Internet Economy is a distinguishing characteristic of this document. The success of the current leaders is drawn upon for inspiration to those not yet participating. Specific actions are proposed to enable your success.
A Frenchman recently asked a Chinese person what he thought of the French Revolution. “It’s too soon to tell” came the reply. Perhaps it is too soon to tell what the impacts of the Internet Revolution are for your corporation. But we believe it’s not too early to develop a framework for asking the right questions. If you are asking questions, this book is for you.



Corporations around the world know the benefits of the Internet. Few, however, have infused their end-to-end operations with Internet technologies. This book goes beyond point solutions to define a cohesive framework for an Internet-enabled Operating Model, or I-Operations.
Based on proven thinking-tools and detailed research, I-Operations addresses the challenge of how to achieve sustainable impact in the Internet Economy. Leaders of academic institutions, businesses, charities and governments will be provoked to find their own I-Operations strategy as they read this book.

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